JD7 Voyager

The JD7 Voyager is the most advanced ROV Crawler system on the market and is compatible with water, gas and industrial pipelines. The system is a long range 5000m capable crawler with full high resolution laser profiling technology incorporated. The system offers both tethered and untethered configurations. In tethered mode 1km is achievable, allowing full control via steering, pan and tilt CCTV, hi resolution laser profiling and an acoustic sensor systems which make leak detection in all materials possible.

In un-tethered mode the system is programmable which allows autonomous control upto 5km in any one survey. The system supports pipeline lining programmes and the software incorporates an auto pre vs post lining assessment comparison feature. This allows quality control to validate the thickness of lining applied. The Voyager is used for Water, gas and industrial pipelines and is capable of passing through small access points and navigating harsh environments. The acoustic sensors allow for precise leak location and pin pointing in all materials. The sensitivity can be controlled and the smallest of leaks may be identified by the system.

The same system can be used for pipelines of 100mm up to 5m diameter with a different configuration to suite each size range. The Voyager uses x6 independent drive motors which ensure smooth control and manoeuvrability but ultimately power to allow maximum survey distances to be achieved.

JD7 Voyager 1     JD7 Voyager 2

JD7 Voyager 4     JD7 Voyager 3


  • Full 1080P HD camera sensor head
  • Hi sensitivity variable frequency acoustic sensors for leak detection in water and gas pipelines
  • Ultra hi resolution laser profiling head with 5000mm diameter capability
  • Pressure integral to 10 bar
  • Tethered and untethered operations
  • Fully programmable via Ethernet connection
  • Secondary forward facing camera
  • Reversing camera
  • Pan and Tilt mechanism (in larger configuration)
  • 6 Wheel drive with independent motors and gearheads
  • Steerable due to independent drives
  • Electronic push/pull drive system with drive control
  • Seal assembly with stainless steel patented inserts
  • 1000m electronic cable drum with 24v drive control and self-reversing lead screw
  • 1000m neutrally buoyant cable with heavy duty protective coating and Kevlar strain relief
  • Cable roller mechanism with chlorination system
  • Full chlorination pump and hosing
  • 4 mode configuration (smallest pipe size is 100mm diameter
  • 12 and 24v lithium ion batteries integral to vehicle
  • Hydrophone resonant frequency: 240 kHz (Nominal)
  • Hydrophone beam pattern circumferential: omni ± 2 dB up to 100 kHz Beam Pattern Horizontal: Omni ± 4 dB up to 100 kHz
  • Operating Temperature: -5 to +40°C
  • Control box with Panasonic Toughbook
  • JD7Voyager software with video and acoustic analysis software

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